With so many hand sanitizer maker, do you know how to choose hand sanitizer?

Because of COVID-19, people have become more aware of the cleanliness of their hands. At the same time, hand sanitizer became a best seller. But with so many hand sanitizer maker, do you know how to choose hand sanitizer?

So what kind of hand sanitizer brands are good and how to choose one? It’s better to understand the categories of hand sanitizer first.

There are three types of hand sanitizers, depending on their function.

Firstlyone category is ordinary hand soap, which is “liquid soap”, the main ingredient of which is detergent. The method of application is similar to that of soap and only serves as a stain remover.

The second category is the antibacterial hand sanitizer. It is a common hand sanitizer based on the addition of certain antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients, so it can kill common hand washing to remove the germs and skin folds in the folds to ensure the hand washing effect. It is suitable for use not only during the season when infectious diseases are prevalent but also in public places such as hospitals, buses, etc., after coming into contact with public items such as handles and buttons that may contain germs.


The third category is water-free hand sanitizer. The main ingredients are alcohol and other disinfectants and skin care ingredients, is a disinfection product. It doesn’t require water, therefore it is especially good for places like outings. For example: hospitals, supermarkets, buses, etc.

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The three types of hand sanitizers make little difference from the outside. But it’s easy to distinguish between the three by looking at the product’s label and instructions.

Look for the logo when you buy it. For instance, is there a factory name, location, etc. Pay particular attention to the presence of standard numbers. It’s best not to buy and use if there is one. Because it’s likely that it’s out of date or that banned ingredients were used.

After that, observe for delamination or oil-water separation. If there is an indication that the emulsification process of the hand sanitizer is not good, it will affect the washing effect.

In conclusion

There is a wide variety of hand sanitizers on the market, of varying quality. To buy at a regular mall and hand sanitizer maker, purchase and use hand sanitizer properly. Finally, whichever hand sanitizer it is, it is best to use it up within its expiration date. Otherwise, it will get dirty the more you wash it.


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