Will hand sanitizer cause harm to hands?

Most hand sanitizers contain a chemical called surfactant. This substance can produce foam. It can also cause skin moisture loss, making it dry and rough. Some hand sanitizers contain antibacterial chemicals that are harmful to the human body, such as triclosan, can cause harm to the human thyroid, and even kill all bacteria. Over time, the bacteria on the skin have become “resistant.” In addition, it may also contain phthalate and polyethylene glycol, affecting reproductive health and even causing cancer. Therefore, be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing your hands with hand sanitizer.

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When purchasing hand sanitizer, pay attention to the following points:

1. Check whether the content of the hand sanitizer label is complete. If it is a “three no” product without a factory name, factory address, or sanitary license number, do not buy it. If it is anti-bacterial, antibacterial hand sanitizer, the label should also indicate antibacterial or antibacterial ingredients and content. Different types of hand sanitizer can be selected according to needs.

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the printing on the bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong. Normal hand sanitizer is squeezed out of the pump head. If the packaging quality is poor, it will not leak or leak during use, causing inconvenience and waste.

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3. Pay attention to the hand sanitizer itself, and smell if it smells, pungent, etc. If it is, it may be that the warranty period has expired or the banned raw materials are used. It is best not to buy and use.
Secondly, we should also observe whether the hand sanitizer has stratification or oil-water separation. If there is, it indicates that the manufacturer has not controlled the emulsification process in the product production process, which will affect the washing effect.

4. To purchase in regular shopping malls and supermarkets, these business units have relatively stable purchase channels and have a relatively strict purchase control system.

5. Regardless of which type of hand sanitizer, it is best to use it up within the validity period, especially ordinary hand sanitizer. If it is used for too long, the hand sanitizer itself will breed bacteria, resulting in “more and more dirty” hand washing.

Bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa bred by expired hand sanitizer can cause great harm to the human body. It is understood that because Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a pathogenic bacteria, it can cause wound infections, pneumonia, and other diseases. It is very pathogenic to the human body and can cause severe suppurative sepsis; Bacteria can cause suppurative infections and sepsis.

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It can be seen from the above that although hand sanitizer has a powerful sterilization and disinfection effect when faced with many hand sanitizer products on the market, we must carefully select them so as not to fall into the trap of the product.

Finally, it is worth reminding you: when using hand sanitizer, it is not too good. Pressing one drop every time is enough. After repeated rubbing on the hands, rinse with running water for more than 15 seconds, so that the hand sanitizer can be used Wash thoroughly.

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