Wash hands frequently to prevent COVID-19, what should I do if I wash and dry?

Hand washing and disinfection are one of the important methods to prevent the invasion of various coronavirus and other germs. However, the frequency of using disinfectant in hand sanitizer has increased significantly, which will result in less distribution of sebaceous glands in the skin of the hands. The sebaceous gland lipid secretion is not much, and the alcohol in the disinfectant will dissolve the sebum film on the skin surface, frequent washing will wash away the lipid on the skin surface, and even lead to the loss of lipid between the stratum corneum cells, so the skin is not effective Moisture and moisture have not fully retained the lock. Without protection, dry skin, scaling, or chapped skin can occur, which can cause dermatitis in severe cases.

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Obviously, hand washing is inevitable, how to do good hand care? Some hand creams contain olive oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and other high-fat ingredients and other ingredients. These can add oil in time, protect the sebum film, build up the stratum corneum and moisturize the hand skin.
It is recommended to protect and protect your hands with a three-step cleaning and coating method:

1. Trilogy
Cleaning: Follow the seven-step washing method.
Drying: After washing each sale, immediately dry your hands with a clean towel or paper towel, especially fingertips, nail grooves, etc.
Smearing: Apply hand cream in time after drying. It is recommended to bring tube-mounted hand cream.

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2. smear four steps

First step, take a hand cream with a circle size of 1.5 cm in diameter and gently spread it with the back of both hands. By gently holding the back of the other hand with one hand and rubbing the entire palm of the other hand in a circle on the back of the hand with the thumb of the thumb, rub the hand cream evenly.

Second step, use the index finger and thumb of one hand to grip the sides of the finger of the other hand, rubbing from fingertip to fingertip.

Third step, use the thumb and index finger of one hand to hold the fingers of the other hand, and then use the thumb to draw a circle while rubbing from the root to the fingertips, and smooth the hand cream.

In the fourth cloth, use the thumb of one hand to rub the entire palm of the other hand in a circular motion to smooth the hand cream. Use it to rub the entire wrist area and smooth the hand cream. Follow the same steps to apply hand cream to the other hand.

3. Choose moisturizing hand sanitizer

In addition, we can also choose some more moisturizing hand sanitizer, which can not only keep hands clean, but also make hands less dry.

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