June 2020


Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer ManufacturePrivate Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer We are a Professional Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in ChinaAt present, hand sanitizers are becoming critical to our daily lives because of the spread of coronaviruses worldwide. Hand sanitizers can protect us from viruses. But at this time hand sanitizer is extremely in short supply. If you are urgently looking for a manufacturer of hand sanitizer, then you are right, we are here! Since 1995, our company has been engaged in the manufacture [...]

May 2020

wholesale bulk hand sanitizer

Wholesale Bulk Hand Sanitizers For Sale

Wholesale Bulk Hand Sanitizers Bulk hand sanitizer can help your team and customers remove bacteria and viruses in their daily lives. Even in this global shortage of hand sanitizer, we can provide wholesale bulk hand sanitizer. We currently have the following volumes in stock: 60ml, 100ml, 250ml, 280ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3800ml, 5000ml. Of course, we can also provide customized hand sanitizer. If you need, we can add your brand logo on any of your hand sanitizer bottle packaging.Wholesale bulk [...]

hand sanitizers

All you want to know about hand sanitizers!

All you want to know about hand sanitizers! After the resumption of work in various places, no matter at the door of the company or the community, disinfectant hand sanitizers are indispensable. Our hands are almost always in contact with things. If you do not wash your hands in time, bacteria and harmful substances are likely to pass through the mouth or eyes to induce corresponding diseases. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a disinfectant hand sanitizer at home.Classification of disinfectant [...]

100ml no-rinse hand sanitizer

Is no-rinse hand sanitizer safe?

Is no-rinse hand sanitizer safe? Q: There is a hand sanitizer on the market that can be applied to the hands without washing them with water. Are there any health risks associated with its use? Answer: Water-free hand sanitizers require the ability to clean dirt from hands in the absence of water and to remove oil from hands without rinsing. Water-free hand sanitizers should usually be equipped with disinfectant ingredients and volatile solvents. To avoid excessive foaming, water-free hand sanitizers generally [...]

April 2020

instant hans sanitizer

Can Hand Sanitizer Kill Coronavirus?

Can Hand Sanitizer Kill Coronavirus? In the past few days, there have been rounds of round-screen discussions on the epidemic on the Internet. Everyone also attaches great importance to the status of the epidemic and isolation and protection. Wearing a mask and going out less are effective protection methods. However, it is not clear for many friends to wash their hands frequently and what hand sanitizer to use.   On February 1, the stool of a confirmed patient was tested positive for [...]


How to use hand sanitizer

How to use hand sanitizer As the public and governments grapple with understanding COVID-19 and how to curb its spread, sales of hand sanitizer gel have soared. In Europ and American, some supermarkets have already run out and many markets are rationing purchases to two bottles a customer. So the hand sanitizers are very scarce and we must learn how to select and use hand sanitizers The alcohol more than 60% are effective There are a million different kinds of hand sanitizer: gels, foams, [...]