100ml waterless alcohol hand sanitizer

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CE and FDA approved
Kills germs in just 9 seconds
75% alcohol sanitizer keeping skin moisturize and preventing dryness
This sanitizer helps in clearing the virus and germs on the hands
It is soap-free and water-free and gives instant results

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Waterless alcohol hand sanitizer

Our waterless alcohol hand sanitizer provides an easy and effective way to clean your dirty and contaminated hands when soaps and water are not available. It is considered to be an effective alternative to hand washing without the need for water.

The use of waterless alcohol hand sanitizer will enhance hand hygiene programs. This conclusion is due to their ease and convenience of using in conjunction with plain or antimicrobial soaps and water, thereby increasing hand hygiene compliance levels. In addition, waterless hand sanitizer usually have excellent initial log reduction of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and multi-drug resistant pathogens

This waterless alcohol hand sanitizer effectively kills 99.99% bacteria and germs in several seconds from the hands and prevents the action of infectious agents. It dries quickly, is non-sticky, and contains moisturizing agents. It gets absorbs in about 10 seconds by leaving a sweet and long-lasting fragrance. This alcohol hand sanitizer has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help kill or suppress the growth of bacteria from hands. This keeps skin fresh as it is mild to the skin.

75% waterless alcohol hand sanitizer

Not all alcohol hand sanitizer formulas are the same. For example, variance occurs in actual formulations with some waterless hand sanitizer varying in the amount of alcohol from 60 percent to 95 percent. More alcohol is not necessarily better, as less water content in the formulation can actually hinder the effectiveness of alcohol in denaturing proteins. So our concentration of 75% waterless alcohol hand sanitizer had a stronger ability to eliminate the germs and viruses. It is effectively proven to kill 99.99% germs and bacteria in 5 seconds from the hands ensuring total hand hygiene. At the same time, it has a mild and non-irritating but effective formula that will go easy on your skin but hard on germs

Our waterless alcohol hand sanitizer can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses. It kills 99.9% of germs on contact. It has a mild and non-irritating but effective formula that will go easy on your skin but hard on germs. With its water retention and moisturizing function, this 100ml alcohol hand sanitizer will not dry out your skin. It cleans and disinfects your hands while leaving them fresh and smooth. Our waterless hand sanitizer will help keep your family safe from contamination!

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instant hand sanitizer gel

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instant hand sanitizer gel

instant hand sanitizer gel

instant hand sanitizer gel

100ml 75% alcohol hand sanitizer 100ml 75% alcohol hand sanitizer




All our hand sanitizers are highly flammable. So please keep away from fire or flame and the source of fire and flame. For external use only. Do not apply to damaged, inflamed or broken skin. If skin allergies occur, stop using. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If condition persists consult a doctor. Avoid eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Use only under adult supervision Non-staining, may discolor certain fabrics keep out of reach of children.

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All our products include hand sanitizer, face mask, face shield, infrared thermometer gun, protective clothing, and enclosed goggles are provide competitive factory price. At the same time, we can own certifications to all products.

Because the coronavirus spread very fast, it is urgent for everyone to protect ourselves and we can provide fast delivery speed. As long as you order our product, we usually deliver them just in 1 day!

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The world is now affected by COVID-19, and instant hand sanitizers are particularly in short supply, but as a country has come out of the virus, and the production capacity has been greatly improved. So we can provide sufficient cheap high-quality FDA approved hand sanitizer. If you have needs for 100ml waterless alcohol hand sanitizer and other medical supplies, please contact us as soon as possible and we will reply to you within 6 hours. Let us work together to stop the virus from spreading further!