Black Automatic Soap Dispensers

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Product Parameters

Material:ABS plastic


Sensor:Infrared sensor

Response:0.25 senconds

Induction distance:3~6cm



Net weight:275g


Battery type:No.7 day cell

Touch Switch

The first time youu turn on the power, you need
to touch the switch key 3-4 times in succession,
and then the automatic soap dispenser can work
               normally without touching.

In frared automatic induction
                   & touch sensitive


touch sensitive

with LED Lights

Foam/Liquid/Spray Outlet

Automatically Sence Foam
    No Need To Touch

                        Infrared automatic induction,
                you can get fine foam by reaching out,
avoid cross infection of bacterial, safe and healthy, easy to use.

Bubble in 0.25 seconds

0.25 Seconds to Wet Your
     Hands with a Spray

      Micro-rich Abundance Foam
Through the Pores, Deep Cleansing

 Reasonable control of the foaming ratio of soap to liquid
to 6:1, and then through micro-aperture bipolar separation
 foam screen, foam formed is stereoscopic and has strong
   adhesion. The delicate, dense foam provides a better
  coverage of the skin epidermis, reaching into tiny pores
                             for deep cleansing.

The inhibition rate is as high as 99.9%

It effectively inhibits common bacteria as Esche-
richia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candia
albicans, and has a bacteriostasis rate of
99.9%, which is effective for caring for
family health.

Micro-acidic formula, close to skin pH

Using slightly acidic formula is close to
pH will make the hands soft and smooth.
It is added with hyduating and moisturi-
zing function, and is prepared from natu
-ral oils and fats. The texture is mild.

Easy to Clean Without Residue

Hight density foam cover the skin easily,
   is an essential artifact for cleansing.

         Bottle body ABS material
Safety and environmental protection

Operating Instructions

1.Twist the soap tank colckwise to remove it.

2.Fill with foaming soap or regular liquid
soap(requires dilution).

3.Insert barreries in the correct +1.positions

4.Twist the dispenser head clockwise
to turn it on.

Box Size