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After the resumption of work in various places, no matter at the door of the company or the community, disinfectant hand sanitizers are indispensable. Our hands are almost always in contact with things. If you do not wash your hands in time, bacteria and harmful substances are likely to pass through the mouth or eyes to induce corresponding diseases. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a disinfectant hand sanitizer at home.

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Classification of disinfectant hand sanitizers

According to the type of hand sanitizer, there are two kinds of washing and no washing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two types?

Water-washing hand-washing liquid mainly depends on the decontamination function, with a surfactant as the main component. That can take away the stains on the hand during the hand-washing process. The no-clean hand sanitizer emphasizes the sterilization function and the general cleaning power. So it is mainly suitable for occasions where washing is not convenient. No need to use water, just spray it on your hand and rub it repeatedly. It is very convenient to use. And such a convenient use process determines its unique advantages: the use occasion is far more than ordinary hand sanitizer.

For example, during this outbreak, no-clean hand sanitizer was popular on most occasions, which was convenient and quick in sterilization. So this time we will focus on the no-clean hand soap ~

What is the principle of hand sanitizer?

Maybe you will be curious, how can you clean your hands without water?

This is due to the ingredients.

Disposable hand sanitizers include disinfectant ingredients, volatile solvents, and skincare ingredients. After cleaning the dirt on the hands, the solvent will automatically volatilize without washing with water. The simplest hand sanitizer is a bit similar to disinfectant wet Towels with 75% alcohol and 20% glycerin. We can use alcohol to wash and disinfect. Glycerin acts as a moisturizing and moisturizing agent. After use, the alcohol volatilizes by itself, and glycerin remains on the skin to moisturize the skin.

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There is another type of non-alcohol free hand-washing liquid specially designed for children. Its important ingredient is benzalkonium chloride, plus medium-chain triglycerides, triethyl citrate, and other lipids. Benzalkonium chloride is a disinfectant ingredient in disposable hand sanitizers. And lipids are ingredients in skincare.

Foam disposable hand sanitizer vs liquid disposable hand sanitizer

There are two or three common types of disposable hand sanitizers: foam type and liquid gel type.

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The principle of foam hand sanitizer is that there is a special device at the mouth of the bottle to fully mix the air and the foaming agent. As long as the pump head is pressed, it will be in a foam state when extruded. Compared with liquid hand sanitizer, the action of rubbing and foaming is eliminated, and the washing is more labor-saving. Direct foaming, not easy to fall, so that the effective ingredients in the foam are fully utilized, greatly improving the cleaning, sterilizing, and moisturizing effects.

Liquid disposable hand sanitizer is relatively difficult to adhere to the skin surface, it is best to rub it evenly after extrusion to avoid dripping and wasting.

At present, many liquid dosage forms of hand sanitizer formulas are mostly compound ingredients such as alcohol + chlorhexidine gluconate or alcohol + hydrogen peroxide, etc.  You can use that to kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. Pathogenic microorganisms on hands. Alcohol and glycerin will evaporate quickly when exposed to air, leaving hands fresh and non-sticky. But if there is a wound on the hand, it may feel tingling.

The composition and effect of the gel-type disposable hand sanitizer are similar to those of the liquid type.

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