Is no-rinse hand sanitizer safe?

Q: There is a hand sanitizer on the market that can be applied to the hands without washing them with water. Are there any health risks associated with its use?

Answer: Water-free hand sanitizers require the ability to clean dirt from hands in the absence of water and to remove oil from hands without rinsing. Water-free hand sanitizers should usually be equipped with disinfectant ingredients and volatile solvents. To avoid excessive foaming, water-free hand sanitizers generally contain a low amount of surfactant components for detergent purposes, and some low boiling alcohol solvents are selected for inclusion. In order to protect the skin on the hands, many water-free hand sanitizers also contain moisturizing ingredients, such as Scutellaria gum and sea buckthorn oil, which contain plant extracts. The simplest water-free hand sanitizer on the market today is similar to a disinfectant wipe, with 75% alcohol mixed with 20% glycerin.

No-rinse hand sanitizer

As for disinfection and safety, indications are that for healthy adults there are no safety issues with these products with normal and even exaggerated use. All bets are off if the skin is damaged for adults or children. Toxicology is not an exact science with a great deal of individual variability having been identified in how we respond to various types of toxic exposure (e.g. even water can be toxic). Therefore in this borderline region individual child health constitution must be weighed with respect to skin barrier function, type, and extent of potential pathogen exposure, and if there is time to get to a water source to wash hands before that little hand makes it into the child’s mouth. It has been reported that some people in China use 52% ethanol and trichlorodiphenyl vein-free hand sanitizer, which has a good killing effect on the reproduction of bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The average rate of removal of natural bacteria from the skin can reach 93.13 %. The toxicity test found that the compound hand sanitizer was non-toxic to mice in the acute oral toxicity test and was not irritating to the skin and mucous membrane of the eyes. However, since most of the hand sanitizer formulations contain alcohol, people with alcohol allergies are advised to use them with caution. In addition, the most effective way to disinfect your hands is the oldest method of soap and water, and try to wash your hands with running water.

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