How to use various disinfectants scientifically? You must understand these issues

1. Can alcohol be used for air killing?

Alcohol is a disinfectant widely used in clinics and can be used on general occasions. In view of the high concentration of alcohol elimination, it can only be used for in vitro elimination. For example, the cleaning and disinfection of hands and object surfaces.
But alcohol cannot be used for air killing and other uses. Many people install alcohol in watering cans or humidifiers to sterilize air. This practice currently lacks a scientific basis and does not achieve the expected killing effect. On the contrary, the accumulation of high-concentration alcohol in the air can easily cause burning and cause a fire. Therefore, it is not recommended to spray alcohol on the air at home to eliminate it.
In non-medical environment air, such as the non-polluted indoor space of our home, it is unlikely that the air will be suspended enough to cause the spread of virus concentration. Therefore, it is not necessary to disinfect the air, and maintain regular doors and windows to ventilate.

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Can alcohol be used for air killing?

Not all disinfectants can target new coronaviruses. The use of disinfectants is the basis for preventing viruses. Chlorine-containing disinfectants (84 disinfectant, bleaching powder, etc.), 75% medical alcohol, ether, peroxyacetic acid, and chloroform and other lipid solvents can effectively eliminate live viruses. We commonly use 75% medical alcohol and 84 disinfectant.

Can’t alcohol be used for large area spraying?
Alcohol is extremely flammable, and a fire can occur when the alcohol concentration in the air exceeds 3%. When a large amount of alcohol is used, alcohol volatilization increases the concentration of ethanol in the indoor air, which is more dangerous than the direct ignition of alcohol. Therefore, do not spray on a large area when disinfecting the human body, just wipe your hands, and do not get close to fire or heat sources before completely volatilizing.

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3. Attention should be paid to the use of alcohol at home:

◆ It is not advisable to store a large amount of alcohol at home, and the single bottle packaging should not exceed 500 ml;
◆ Before use, clean the surrounding flammable and combustible materials, do not spray directly in the air;
◆ Disinfect the surface of the appliance with alcohol, turn off the power first and wait for the appliance to cool down;
◆ The remaining alcohol in the home should be stored in a cool place such as a cabinet, protected from light. The lid should be tightly closed and labeled to avoid volatilization.

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4. 84 Disinfectant cannot be mixed

84 The disinfectant should be diluted according to the instructions first, packed in a plastic container, and can be used directly on desktops, floors, clothing, and other objects, but it has strong irritation, a certain degree of corrosivity and bleaching. And waterproof apron to protect the skin, mouth, nose, and eyes.
4 The disinfectant should be used alone, do not mix with other disinfectants, especially can not be used in conjunction with toilet cleaning, otherwise, it will generate toxic chlorine gas, severe poisoning, or even death.

There are also some professional medical and industrial disinfectants that are best not used at home. It is not recommended to make self-made disinfectants. Most people do not have a good grasp of proportions and chemical reactions, which is prone to danger.

In addition to this, we must do:
◆ Configure and use cold water in well-ventilated areas, hot water will affect the sterilization effect;
◆ Pay attention to seal when storing 84 disinfectant to prevent volatilization;
◆ Do not place near heat sources such as radiators, prevent moisture and fire, and place in a cool and ventilated place;
◆ Avoid contact between children and pets;
◆ Do not hoard in large quantities or maliciously, ordinary people cannot meet the conditions for mass storage, but there are risks;
◆ Buy disinfectants in regular places, beware of illegal traders posing as ethanol with toxic methanol, and do not buy “imported goods” with unknown or unknown uses.


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