How to choose a suitable hand sanitizer? It’s important to recognize these 4 points!

With the convenience and hygiene of hand soap, more and more popular and accepted by the public, hand soap slowly faded out of the public’s view. In addition to the medical structure, hand sanitizer is now a must-have for every household. Today, the more popular ones on the market can be divided into three types according to the different functional types: common hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and leave-in hand sanitizer (i.e. leave-in sanitizer gel).

Ordinary hand sanitizer, mainly used for cleaning and decontamination, but for the bacteria on the hands can not achieve bactericidal or even antibacterial effect, so here is not too much introduction.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer that adds surfactants and disinfectants to the regular hand sanitizer, which not only cleans and removes dirt but also achieves the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

But compared to the next type of hand sanitizer, both regular hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand sanitizer can be described as “losing”. No-rinse hand sanitizer is arguably the latest technology in hand sanitizer. As the name implies, it is not washed with water, and in the ingredients is added disinfectant alcohol and skincare ingredients, in the case of not washing hands, can not only effectively kill bacteria (note: there is a clear difference between bactericidal and antibacterial) can also play a moisturizing effect.


Here we highlight our hand sanitizer, a product from Guangdong, China, which is fully FDA and CE approved and all of our products are subject to strict quality control.

75% alcohol concentration for true long-lasting sterilization

A number of hand sanitizer ingredients are shown to contain 99.99% alcohol concentration, but according to scientific experiments, not the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the bactericidal effect. The alcohol concentration of our hand sanitizer is only between 70-75%, and the alcohol concentration of our hand sanitizer is 75%.

Natural ingredients nourish, wash your hands and protect them

This hand sanitizer is infused with aloe vera, top-grade glycerin, and natural vitamin E. It also moisturizes the hands while washing hands, so it is very smooth and does not feel dry after use.

60ML is small and light, carry it with you to avoid cross-infection

The 100ML lightweight package can be carried in any pocket or handbag and can be used anywhere and anytime.


So for hand sanitizer, how should we go about choosing how to buy it?

1. Always purchase hand sanitizer through regular channels, shopping malls, or directly through manufacturers.
2. Choose a hand sanitizer with the right acidity and alkalinity, the alcohol concentration should not be too high, too high pH will affect the skin of the hands dehydrated, and in the long term will even cause the skin to dry and crack.
3. Observe whether the outer packaging is intact, whether the handwriting is clear, whether it is within the shelf life.
4. Observe the product’s labeling instructions and note whether the hand sanitizer has FDA and CE approval. Such hand sanitizer is truly tested and licensed by an authority before it can be exported and sold.


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The world is now affected by COVID-19, and instant hand sanitizers are particularly in short supply, but as a country has come out of the virus, and the production capacity has been greatly improved. So we can provide sufficient cheap high-quality FDA approved hand sanitizer. If you have needs for hand sanitizer and other medical supplies, please contact us as soon as possible and we will reply to you within 6 hours. Let us work together to stop the virus from spreading further!

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