Hand Sanitizer Gel Versus Spray, Which Hand Sanitizer Work Better?


A person scrubs his hands with a hand sanitizer after leaving the subway

If you currently want to learn how to have a comprehensive understanding of hand sanitizer and want to have a healthy life, then you are right. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, most countries in the world are thinking of ways to avoid it. So, it is important now, but we have to remember that how to prevent bacteria and viruses in the past and future is very important. Therefore, it is very important to understand hand sanitizer and health care for your hands. Today we will introduce to you the popular hand sanitizer gel and hand sanitizer spray, and the difference between them, and then we will take a closer look at them. Let’s take a closer look at Hand Sanitizer Gel Versus Spray.




1 Hand Sanitizers Versus Hand Washing
2 Where Did Hand Sanitizer Come From?
3 What is Spray Sanitizer?
4 OK, Tell Me About Gel Sanitizer
5 How Do I Use A Spray Hand Sanitizer?
6 How Do I Use A Gel Hand Sanitizer?
7 Spray vs Gel: Which Type Of Hand Sanitizer Works Best?
8 Ideas On Where to Use Spray Hand Sanitizers
9 Where Can I Buy Spray Hand Sanitizer?


Hand Washing vs Hand Sanitizer


The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that in the best possible situation, or in some special cases that the hand sanitizer cannot solve by itself, it is best to wash your hands because hand washing is the best way to remove bacteria and viruses from your hands. For example, soap and water are needed to remove dirt, mud, any grease, chemicals, or blood on your hands. However, under normal circumstances, we do not always have the opportunity to try soap and water, then hand sanitizer is your good friend. Here are some examples of encouraging hand washing.

When you come indoors after outdoor activities

  1. After using ATM
  2. After using the fuel pump
  3. When you get your hands dirty while driving
  4. After playing with animals or pets
  5. When handling babies
  6. After a child or adult changes diapers
  7. After using the toilet
  8. Before preparing food
  9. After raw meat processing

Where Did the Hand Sanitizer Come From?

According to Wikipedia, alcohol has been used as an antiseptic at least as early as 1363. It seems that even the ancient Egyptians used alcohol to treat cuts, bruises, and even wounds on the eyes. Hospitals and surgeons use isopropyl alcohol and ethanol in many different disinfection techniques with evidence to support its use becoming available in the late 1800s. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has been commonly used in Europe since at least the 1980s. It ’s like The kind you see today on the walls of hospitals, airports, and public toilets.

What is Hand Sanitizer Gel?


Hand sanitizer gel provides the best and most complete coverage for the skin. The correct dose can be dispensed and easily left in the palm of your hand until you rub your hands together and spread the disinfectant to all parts of the hand. Hand sanitizer gel can be spread evenly and easily so that it can best protect against bacteria and can be dried quickly. In high-risk environments such as healthcare or food processing/food services, alcohol gels are the best choice because they generally provide higher dosages and higher potency.

Well, Tell Me About Hand Sanitizer Spray

hand sanitizer spray

Hand sanitizer spray is similar in that it delivers less product per dose, which saves costs. For spray applications, the formula will usually become thinner and the dosage needs to be smaller so that once the product is dispensed it will not fall on or pass through the hand.

How Do I Use Hand Sanitizer Gel?

Make sure the importance of the gel concentration of the hand sanitizer. US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends ensuring that the alcohol content of the disinfectant is 60% to 80% to ensure the best results and safety. The alcohol content of isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer should be only between 60% and 75%.

1. Pump or pour gel-like disinfectant into the palm of your hand.
2. Apply freely on both sides of the hand
3. Let the gel dry completely
4. Avoid waving hands to dry.

How Do I Use Hand Sanitizer Spray?

For the sample, please ensure that the alcohol concentration of the hand sanitizer spray you purchased is between 60% and 80%, so as to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. The lower the content, you don’t know whether your work is effective. So, your disinfectant is in your hands. Here are the correct usage tips.

1. Spray a large area on your hand or any other surface you want to touch.
2. Do not dry or smear the product on it.
3. Please let it dry completely.
4. Do not wave your hands to dry. (Microbes in the air will be picked up)

Hand Sanitizer Gel Versus Spray, Which Hand Sanitizer Work Best?

In fact there is no absolutely correct answer. As mentioned above, hand sanitizer gel and hand sanitizer spray have different advantages in different application scenarios. Rather than choosing gel or spray, it is better to choose products from merchants with better alcohol. Due to the influence of COVID-19, many countries in the world have a shortage of hand sanitizers. We see that many manufacturers are using technical alcohol to make hand sanitizer. For the layman, this may not mean anything. But until you take the hand sanitizer in your hand, you start to notice the pungent smell. So before buying, please make sure that the ingredients are high-quality ingredients.

We return to the topic, which hand sanitizer works best. There is no absolutely correct answer. It is better to pay attention to whether you have a safe and effective hand sanitizer than it is about which hand sanitizer works better. Is the alcohol content around 75%, can it effectively kill germs and bacteria? If both of these conditions are met, pick your favorite style, whether it is spray-type liquid, pump-top gel, flip-top type, isopropyl alcohol, or ethanol alcohol.

Finally, let ’s emphasize again that neither hand sanitizer gel nor hand sanitizer spray is necessarily better. But their difference lies in their application. Hand sanitizer spray can provide you with more functions because you can effectively spray on the surface, not just your hands. The hand sanitizer gel provides the best and most complete coverage for the skin. You can dispense the correct dose and easily leave it in your palm until you rub your hands together and spread the disinfectant to all parts of your hand, which is not possible with hand sanitizer spray.

Where Can I Buy Hand Sanitizer Gel & Spray?

Hand sanitizer gel and spray are very popular products at the moment. They can be purchased in most large retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. They also have many different smells and are used on sensitive skin. But in some cases they may be sold out, and the price is relatively high. Another place to buy spray hand sanitizer is on our own website. We are a hand sanitizer manufacture in China and are your trusted source of safe and effective hand sanitizer sprays. We have many different sizes of products for you to choose from, suitable for different occasions. More importantly, due to factory direct sales, our wholesale hand sanitizers are usually cheaper, but the quality is very high. If you have customized requirements for the products, we can also meet you!

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