Can Hand Sanitizer Kill Coronavirus?

In the past few days, there have been rounds of round-screen discussions on the epidemic on the Internet. Everyone also attaches great importance to the status of the epidemic and isolation and protection. Wearing a mask and going out less are effective protection methods. However, it is not clear for many friends to wash their hands frequently and what hand sanitizer to use.


On February 1, the stool of a confirmed patient was tested positive for new coronavirus. Experts believe that there may be viruses in the feces, and the possibility of “dung spread” is not ruled out. Fecal mouth spread, that is, feces carrying pathogens, contaminates hands and food, causing diseases to enter the mouth.


It is very important to cut off the transmission route and wash your hands.


So, which of the various antibacterial hand sanitizers and disposable hand sanitizers on the market can have the effect of killing viruses?


First, let’s take a look at what is a new coronavirus.


We can understand coronavirus as a wolf (RNA virus) covered with sheepskin (envelope), and take his key (Spike Protein) to wander around and see which cell lock (ACE2) can be opened by the key. Will open the door and go in for destruction.




Unfortunately, the alveolar epithelial cells and small intestinal epithelial cells of our body have many such qualified locks (the ACE2 protein expression level is high), and the virus took its key and swept through the customs and swept through the army, wreaking havoc in the body. This is why patients have pneumonia.


Fortunately, the cells on the surface of the skin do not have such a lock (ACE2).


Otherwise, we might have to go out like this:


Medical Protective clothing (1)


However, mucous membranes, such as the nasal cavity and oral cavity, are vulnerable to viruses because they contain such locks. Therefore, wearing a mask correctly can effectively block the spread of the virus.


But things are not so simple. The new coronavirus can survive for hours under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. The hands may also be infected with the virus during daily casual touches (of course, if there is a virus transmission source around you, such as infected people), due to habitual operation, the hands may be in close contact with the nostrils or mouth Had an infection.


Therefore, it is important to wash your hands frequently! !!


So how to choose the right hand sanitizer? Are some hand sanitizers really as the merchant claims? Can kill 99% of new coronaviruses?


Data about hand sanitizer


The results show that antibacterial soap has the same effect as simply washing with running water, and the hand-washing products containing alcohol are relatively better. The higher the alcohol concentration, the better the effect. However, high alcohol concentration can damage the skin (this is different from the low 5% addition in ordinary skincare water). At this time, if the skin is damaged, it will create favorable conditions for the virus to invade the skin.


Note: Medical alcohol 75% instant hand sanitizer is the most suitable concentration for bacteria. The osmotic pressure is similar to bacteria. Moisture and alcohol can enter the bacteria at a relatively stable rate, denaturing the bacterial protein.


Generally, alcohol is mostly no-clean hand sanitizer, such as 75 alcohol hand sanitizer. The more recommended here is the instant hand sanitizer because the alcohol content is relatively high (more close to the 75% recommended by experts), and contains many emollients and humectants (isopropyl myristate and polyol, etc.), Moisturizes hands, relieves dryness and damage to hands.


instant hans sanitizer

Too much hand washing may result in dry hands and the like, so hand cream should also be used. In short, during the epidemic, wash hands with soap and running water frequently for at least 15 seconds each time. If you don’t have soap and water, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer products is also a good choice, as for those who are not antibacterial, don’t care. Finally, attach the classic hand-washing method of the CDC:

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