Can “disposable hand sanitizer” kill viruses? These 4 ingredients may be invalid

During the COVID-19 period, sanitary products have become popular. In particular, products with the words “disinfection and sterilization” have become the first choice of many people.
When commuting out, many people must have hand sanitizer, but do these products really have a “disinfection” effect? Let’s take a look down and teach you how to screen for disposable hand sanitizer.

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1. Alcohols: the effect depends on the concentration

Alcohol can inactivate the new crown virus, and people have been snapping up alcohol products. But many people ignore the fact that alcohol must reach a certain concentration to be effective.
Before COVID-19, many of the disposable hand sanitizers on the market had an alcohol content of less than 75%, and some products were only “alcohol-containing”, basically between 10% and 30%. This kind of no-clean hand sanitizer is usually not enough to have a good disinfection effect, and it is not enough to eliminate the new crown virus.
Of course, the alcohol concentration is not as high as possible. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it is acceptable to choose an alcohol concentration of 60% to 80%, but the concentration is too high (90% to 95%) but the effect is not good. When you buy, you can focus on the packaging, basically, the alcohol content will be marked, it is best to choose “alcohol 75% ± 5%”.

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2. Chlorine-containing: two kinds of no effect

No-clean hand sanitizers often contain chlorine-containing products, mainly benzalkonium chloride and chloride acetate have been determined as effective ingredients.
Chlorhexidine, also known as chlorhexidine, is a low-efficiency disinfectant with a good sterilization effect. It has a place in the killing community and can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeast, and common hospital infection bacteria. In this COVID-19, chlorhexidine is an invalid component that is officially stamped.
Benzalkonium chloride can eliminate the virus, but there is no evidence that it is effective against the new coronavirus. Therefore, these two ingredients are effective against bacteria, but not to New Coronavirus.

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3. Plants: Bacteriostasis is a gimmick

Coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, tea polyphenols, strawberries, lemons, citrus … Upon hearing “plant extract”, many people’s first reaction is “pure natural, safe and secure”
Among the many anti-killing products, this type of disposable hand sanitizer accounts for a large proportion, and there are also many merchants who use this as a promotional point.
These ingredients can only make the smell of disposable hand sanitizer smell better, increase hand moisturizing, and play a certain cleaning effect, but it can hardly achieve the effect of sterilization, let alone viruses. Such products are closer to the cosmetic category.

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4. Chinese medicine: disinfection is conditional

In the eyes of many people, chemical disinfectants are highly irritating, and Chinese herbal hand sanitizers are non-irritating, safe, and stable. This no-clean hand sanitizer is usually composed of Chinese medicine and additives such as artemisia annua, honeysuckle, Radix isatidis, Atractylodes, rhubarb, paeonol, magnolia, clove, and mint. In addition to sterilization, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and deodorant effects.
The effectiveness of Chinese medicine ingredients is affected by many factors. For example, Atractylodes macrocephala is rich in fragrant volatile oil, which can have a significant killing effect on some bacteria and viruses, but it is mainly used to smoke to suppress bacteria, no smoke, and no effect.
During the SARS period, some hospitals used Atractylodes fumigatus for air disinfection. However, it remains to be studied whether the anti-viral effect can be prepared as a no-clean disinfectant.
These effects are based on the effects of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. The above-mentioned herbs have certain antibacterial effects. It has been clinically confirmed that the disinfectant prepared from this kind of traditional Chinese medicine composition has an obvious bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coil, and Streptococcus.


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