The higher the alcohol concentration, the better? Can alcohol sanitizer be sprayed directly into the air?

Remember about common sense about alcohol sanitizer

The COVID-19 is afraid of alcohol and is not resistant to high temperatures. As related topics appeared on the hot search, everyone immediately snapped up medical alcohol sanitizer. Disinfected themselves at home also with dangers. In the current epidemic situation, how should the alcohol sanitizer products such as medical alcohol be used correctly? Is alcohol concentration higher? What should I pay attention to? According to the explanation by specialists called Tao Yong and Lin Baixue. We will give you a detailed answer.


According to the recent safety tips issued by the Beijing Municipal Emergency Management Bureau regarding the use of disinfection products at home during epidemic prevention and control.  75% ethanol, chlorine disinfectants, peroxyacetic acid, and other disinfection products that are not under special control can effectively inactivate viruses. At the same time, it has flammable, poisonous, corrosive, and other dangerous characteristics. If we use it improperly, it will easily cause fire, poisoning, burns, and other safety accidents.

Why alcohol sanitizer can kill bacteria?


Alcohol (ethanol) is one of the most common disinfectants in medicine. It is soluble in water and has a certain fat solubility. The mechanism by which ethanol kills viruses is that its fat solubility can destroy the biofilm composed of biological phospholipid biomolecules, causing biofilm structure and dysfunction. The higher concentration ethanol of alcohol sanitizer can destroy the “order” of the membrane structure. Thereby destroying the function of the membrane, leading to the death of “membrane” microorganisms.

Whether the alcohol concentration is higher, the better?

The effectiveness of alcohol in disinfectants and bactericides depends on the concentration ethanol of alcohol sanitizer. To achieve the effect of killing 99.99% of bacteria, the ethanol content should usually reach more than 60%.


The study found that ethanol solutions with a concentration of more than 60% have a killing effect. When the concentration reaches 75% to 80%, it can kill most bacteria and enveloped viruses in a few seconds. But it is not effective for bacterial spores. Among them, most people used the 75% ethanol concentration antibacterial alcohol hand gel, and hospital systems, scientific research laboratories, and other occasions that require disinfection use it widely.

However, 95% of high-concentration ethanol disinfection and sterilization effect is not as good as dilute ethanol, of which 70% to 75% is the best. This is because the high concentration of ethanol will cause the protein on the surface of the bacteria to coagulate to form a hard film, and the change of direction will protect the bacteria and prevent the further penetration of alcohol. At this point, the cell will become inactive, but will not die. Therefore, 75% of ethanol is a more ideal choice.

So, is ethanol useful for new coronaviruses? The new coronavirus belongs to the new coronavirus of the genus β and has an envelope, so it can be killed by ethanol.

Can medical alcohol sanitizer be used for air killing

At present, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC) and relevant departments in China, soap + running water is first recommended to wash hands; in the absence of hand washing materials or environments, and when there is no obvious contamination of hands, use alcohol sanitizer.


Of course, it is much more convenient to use ethanol to wipe hands than washing hands with soap. Because ethanol will evaporate quickly, there is no need to dry your hands, which is convenient and reduces the pollution that may be caused during the drying process. At the same time, another major use of ethanol-based disinfectants is to clean and disinfect surfaces by spraying or wiping.

It is worth noting that ethanol cannot be used for air killing and other uses. Some people use ethanol spray to sterilize indoor air. This method lacks basis and cannot achieve the effect of killing. Moreover, the high concentration of ethanol in the air accumulates, which is easy to cause burning and cause a fire. Therefore, you hand better not to spray ethanol on the air at home. In non-medical environments, such as the non-polluting indoor spaces in our homes. It is unlikely that the air will suspend enough to cause the spread of virus concentration. Therefore, air disinfection is not necessary, and only regular doors and windows we need to open them to ventilate.

Alcohol is flammable, what should be paid attention to when using

We know that the flashpoint of 80% ethanol is 19 ° C, and there are also claims to be 17.5 ° C. Therefore, we should take great care during use, transportation, and storage. Open flames and smoking are prohibited. The more the temperature exceeds the flash point temperature, the greater the risk of ignition. Therefore, when using ethanol, care should be taken to avoid open flames, and it is not appropriate to spray too much on a large area to avoid fire. Open flames and smoking must be strictly prohibited in production and storage areas.


When using alcohol santizer, to prevent evaporation, the maximum capacity of the container in the ward should be 500 ml, the maximum capacity in the operating room is 1 liter, and we should install them in the wall dispenser.


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