Alcohol-based Sanitizers

A hand sanitizer’s main ingredient can play a decisive role in its bactericidal effect. Alcoholic hand sanitizer for the skin is based on ethanol and chlorhexidine gluconate. Chlorhexidine gluconate is a topical broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent whose bactericidal mechanism is mainly to destroy the permeability barrier on the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane, so that the cytoplasm leaks, thus achieving the bactericidal effect. It has better water solubility and less skin irritation.


Its sterilization effect is excellent. A survey in the United States suggests that handwashing with chlorhexidine gluconate is the most preferred method of hand sanitization. Ethanol has an immediate and quick drying effect. A 75% ethanol content is often used clinically for skin disinfection. Since proteins are less likely to change their properties under the conditions of water scarcity, the concentration of ethanol should not be too high, generally in the range of 60 to 80%. The combination of these two can greatly enhance the bactericidal effect and has the characteristics of fast, long-lasting, quick-drying, suitable for clinical users. Foreign studies have shown that the infection rate of surgical site disinfection with chlorhexidine mono ethanol is significantly lower than that of surgical site disinfection with polyvinyl iodide.

Therefore, alcohol-based hand-free skin sanitizers have an extremely strong bactericidal capacity.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

The alcohol-free hand sanitizer is made up of benzalkonium chloride and chlorhexidine acetate. Benzalkonium chloride is an excellent broad-spectrum fungicide, which can kill bacteria by destroying their cytoplasmic membrane and making their cytoplasm flow out of the body, thus achieving the killing effect. Chlorhexidine Acetate is a bactericidal agent with fast, long-lasting, easy to decompose, and no side effects. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer therefore also has a rapid and long-lasting bactericidal effect, with low toxicity and quick drying.

The two hand sanitizers are synergistically combined with several antimicrobial agents to provide excellent disinfection in a convenient way for healthcare workers to maintain their hands The patient’s health and safety are successfully protected at the same time. In recent years, multidrug-resistant bacteria have become a threat in medical institutions One of the major pathogens in inpatient health, preventing the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria Dispersion is a major issue that affects the quality of medical services and the lives and health of patients. Question. This is due to the overuse of antimicrobial drugs in medical clinical This has led to the proliferation of multidrug-resistant bacteria, coupled with the health sector’s Insufficient attention and inappropriate methods of prevention and control have resulted in the spread of disease in the affected areas. This has led to the spread of adverse conditions such as infections between people and health workers. In order to prevent the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria, it is also important to disinfect the hands and skin of health care workers, in addition to timely isolation of patients with the bacteria, establishment of testing systems, and strengthening environmental cleanliness. According to one study, in the U.S. health care sector, about 1.7 million infections occur each year, with 99,000 deaths; of these, about 20,000 are deaths. 4O The Patient occurred due to improper disinfection of hands by paramedics Infection caused.

Therefore, hand sanitizer kills multidrug-resistant bacteria. Good or bad results are crucial for preventing the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria The role of the government is important.


In summary. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer for skin and alcohol-free hand sanitizer is good for killing multi-drug resistant bacteria.

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