Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Manufacture

Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

We are a Professional Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in China

At present, hand sanitizers are becoming critical to our daily lives because of the spread of coronaviruses worldwide. Hand sanitizers can protect us from viruses. But at this time hand sanitizer is extremely in short supply.

If you are urgently looking for a manufacturer of hand sanitizer, then you are right, we are here!

Since 1995, our company has been engaged in the manufacture and foreign trade of skincare related products and household chemicals. Our manufacturing plant meets the requirements of GMPC, ISO 22716, FDA, CE, MSDS, and COA. After 25 years of technical accumulation and experience, we have gained a deep understanding of many industries involved. We sincerely hope to be your partner in the home care and personal beauty industry!

We are continually working on it.

Please do not hesitate to help more people buy hand sanitizer!

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OEM & ODM Service

Private Label Moisture Hand Sanitizer


Private Label Moisture Hand Sanitizer

  1. CE and FDA approved, so we can export to the most world.
  2. Kills germs in just 9 seconds, because we use the high concentration.
  3. 60~75% alcohol sanitizer keeping skin moisturize and preventing dryness
  4. This sanitizer helps in clearing the virus and germs on the hands
  5. It is soap-free and water-free and gives instant results
  6. Customized private label,(you’d better provide design)


Hand Sanitizer Show:

60ml hand sanitizer gel                                     100ml hand sanitizer gel                                    100ml hand sanitizer gel

100ml hand sanitizer gel                                     250ml hand sanitizer gel                                    280ml hand sanitizer gel

500ml hand sanitizer gel                                      500ml hand sanitizer gel                                    500ml-75%-alcohol-hand-sanitizer-gel

1000ml hand sanitizer gel                                     5000ml-75%-alcohol-hand-sanitizer-gel                                     5000ml hand sanitizer gel

Private Label Moisture Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

High-quality hand sanitizers with a certain concentration have a stronger bactericidal effect than ordinary hand sanitizers. When infectious diseases, including coronavirus, are prevalent, hand washing with hand sanitizer becomes important.

1. Competitive Price. Based on a minimum order of 1200, most OEM and ODM alcohol hand sanitizers are priced between $0.1-3 per piece. Because of the significant labor cost savings in our factory due to the proven automated production lines, and because we are familiar with all the equipment and materials needed to produce disinfectants, we are able to offer competitive prices and ensure a quality basis for disinfectant solutions.

2. Short Delivery Time – Generally private label moisture hand sanitizer takes 5-10 days. But if the product you want is currently being produced in our production line, then you may range to get your merchandise within 1~2 days without waiting for production scheduling. For us, it’s important to deliver on time.

3. Design & Packaging – We offer free design services, of course, it’s even better if you can provide a design draft. We can produce hand sanitizers in various capacities and volumes to meet customer requirements, including extra-large capacities for bathrooms and public places or travel capacities that can be taken with you.

4. Quality – The production process of hand sanitizer is quite mature, coupled with our strict quality control system, the quality, and delivery of the product is almost problem-free.


CE-Certification FDA-Certification MSDS-CertificationCNAS-certificate-3 CNAS-certificate-2 CNAS-Certificate




How to Buy Private Label Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer From You?

Since the price of raw materials such as alcohol and aloe vera is affected by market availability, there are also different shipping costs in different countries. So resulting in a different price per customer. But don’t worry, we can definitely provide you with a competitive factory price. First, please contact us and we will give you a quote, the following makes our contact details.

Contacts: Lisa Liu

Phone: +86 752 2277 856

Mobile: +86 18923606158

Fax: +86 752 2277 956

What’s app: +86 18923606158


A dedicated salesperson will contact you within up to 6 hours of receiving your call or email. And we will send you the latest and best private label moisturizing hand sanitizer prices and details. Please wait for a while.

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