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As we all know, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for soap dispensers around the world has risen as the demand for automatic soap dispenser has risen. In order to meet this high volume demand, we have expanded a new production line. We can produce a lot of automatic soap dispensers, we can produce hand soap, but at the same time, we are also an automatic soap dispenser manufacturer.

Automatic soap dispensers and other care products are used as daily necessities with high frequency. Whether you are at home in the living room, kitchen, company, yard or cinema, dining room and other public places can be used. So in order to save you the time and effort of purchasing automatic soap dispensers and soap dispensers together, our new automatic soap dispenser will definitely provide you with convenience. Selling the two together saves you time and effort in purchasing.



What Styles of Automatic Soap Dispensers Can You Provide?

So far we can provide two automatic soap dispensers, which are white and pink. Click on the picture to get the detailed parameters of the product.

All our products support customized services, especially logos. We use laser printing technology to customize any logo you want for companies, schools, and other organizations.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Manufacturer

High-quality automatic soap dispensers with a 0.25 second induction time.

1. Competitive Factory Price. Based on a minimum order of 500, most OEM and ODM automatic soap dispensers are priced between $5.6-6.3 per piece. Because of the significant labor cost savings in our factory due to the proven automated production lines, and because we are familiar with all the equipment and materials needed to produce disinfectants, we are able to offer competitive prices and ensure a quality basis for long time use.

2. Short Delivery Time – Generally private label automatic soap dispenser takes 5-10 days. But if the product you want is currently being produced in our production line, then you may range to get your merchandise within 1~2 days without waiting for production scheduling. For us, it’s important to deliver on time.

3. Design & Packaging – We offer free design services, of course, it’s even better if you can provide a design draft. We can produce automatic soap dispensers in various capacities and volumes to meet customer requirements, including extra-large capacities for bathrooms and public places or travel capacities that can be taken with you.

4. Quality – The production process of an automatic soap dispenser is quite mature, coupled with our strict quality control system, the quality, and delivery of the product is almost problem-free.

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